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China and Me - Liang Cui

Dr Liang Cui (崔亮)
Summary of collaboration with China:

  • Close connection with 16 universities in China
  • 2 joint projects on-going, 1 in preparation
  • Published 4 journal papers and 1 conference paper with Chinese partners
    4 under review, 3 in preparation

This page summarises current research collaborations and other academic links between Dr Liang Cui (崔亮) and China.

Research Expertise

Dr Liang Cui has an extensive background in geotechnical engineering, mechanical engineering, micro-mechanics of granular materials and numerical modelling using Discrete Element Method and Finite Element Method. Her current research interests includes: developing Discrete Element Models for granular materials, laboratory validation of Discrete Element Models, analysis of micro-mechanics of granular materials, investigation of soil-structure soil-vehicle interactions, developing constitutive models for granular materials, energy absorption in porous materials, exploring wave propagation in nonlinear materials.


  1. 同济大学 (Tongji University)
  2. 清华大学 (Tsinghua University)
  3. 武汉大学 (Wuhan University)
  4. 中国航天科技集团公司航天五院总体部 (Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering, China Academy of Space Technology)
  5. 中国地震局工程力学研究所 (Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration)
  6. 青岛理工大学 (Qingdao Technological University)
  7. 兰州理工大学 (Lanzhou University of Technology)
  8. 长安大学 (Chang’An University)
  9. 西北工业大学 (Northwestern Polytechnical University)
  10. 中山大学 (Sun Yat-sen University)
  11. 澳门大学 (University of Macau)
  12. 浙江大学 (Zhejiang University)
  13. 香港大学 (University of Hong Kong)
  14. 北京科技大学 (University of Science & Technology Beijing)
  15. 香港科技大学 (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
  16. 中国水利水电科学研究院 (China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research)

Projects and Activities

  1. EPSRC Global Challenges Research Fund with 清华大学 (Tsinghua University), 浙江大学 (Zhejiang University), 中国地震局工程力学研究所 (Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration).
  2. Research in discrete element modelling of granular soil with 同济大学 (Tongji University). Co-authored a number of papers.
  3. Applied UK-China exchange schemes with 清华大学 (Tsinghua University)
  4. Short term visit in 同济大学 (Tongji University)

Visitors from China

  1. Dr Yadong Lu from 中国航天科技集团公司航天五院总体部 (Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering, China Academy of Space Technology)
  2. Prof Weichao Li from 同济大学 (Tongji University)
  3. Dr Junwei Liu from 青岛理工大学 (Qingdao Technological University)
  4. Prof Tianzhong Ma from 兰州理工大学 (Lanzhou University of Technology)

Publications with Chinese partners

  • Four Journal papers + One conference paper published
  • Two under review
  • Three in preparations
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