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China and Me - Ying Wang

Dr Ying Wang (王迎)
Summary of collaboration with China:

  • Close connection with 4 universities in China
  • Published 4 journal papers with Chinese partners

This page summarises current research collaborations and other academic links between Dr Ying Wang (王迎) and China.

Research Expertise

To safeguard critical civil infrastructure under extreme loading and enhance their life-cycle performance, Dr Wang focus his research attention on the techniques to identify structural damage, to assess structural condition, and to protect structures under extreme loading.


  1. 哈尔滨工业大学 (Harbin Institute of Technology)
  2. 大连理工大学 (Dalian University of Technology)
  3. 天津大学 (Tianjin University)
  4. 天津城建大学 (Tianjin Chengjian University)

Publications with Chinese partners

  1. Z Li, Z Peng, J Teng, Y Wang (2016) Experimental Study of Damage Evolution in Circular Stirrup-Confined Concrete, Materials, 9(4), 278
  2. Z Li, J He, J Teng, Y Wang, (2016) Internal Stress Monitoring of In-Service Structural Steel Members with Ultrasonic Method, Materials, 9(4), 223
  3. H Li, J Teng, Z Li, Y Wang, D Zou (2015) Experimental study of damage evolution in cuboid stirrup-confined concrete, Materials and Structures, 1-14
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